Wednesday, June 20, 2012

it has been a while!

I am SO sorry I haven't updated the blog in such a long time! With graduation, musical, show choir, drumline, college (go Iowa State!) and I guess classes themselves, I had to take a break. But now that summer is here-or has been for a while- I finally found time to update!

I am sure you are aware of the many new things going on out there, but here is what comes to mind!

> I have the Black "It's a darn good thing your mom chose life" bags in, the Blue "Vote Pro Life" bags in, and the Purple "Choose Peace, Choose Life" bags in! Order yours today! Prices are >>

>Iowa just got PRO-LIFE license plates! To order yours, go to ...
If you are hesitating to get one, DO IT! They need 500 orders before the first batch is made, so please don't hesitate!

>I am partnering with Iowa Right to Life (sort-of) in that I am making bags for them! They will use them for events to sell along mine, also for giveaways and gifts for supporters! Many people ask why I make competition for myself. Please remember that it is NOT for personal glory and fame, but for the babies and men and women hurt from abortion.

>Just today, I got an order for bags from Ontario! Not sure yet if it is Canada or California, but heck thats far away! Go facebook! Please share my page (this one AND facebook) with your friends across the country and world. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!!!

>Also just today, I got my first profanity on facebook and hatred for Life. Just makes us stronger! (PLEASE EXCUSE PROFANITY) Wow. We should pray for this gentleman.
Luke  You stupid stupid mother f+++++s!! So hey let the junkie and the crackhead have a baby so it can just be dumped into the system. Great! Or how about the rape victim?? You think she wants that child? Someone should abort the admin and all supporters of this page. Glad my "friend" liked this. Now I know to delete them.

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