Saturday, December 17, 2011

The birth of Jesus is almost here!

Many new things are happening with Pro Life Bags.Des Moines!

I was invited by Iowa Right to Life to sell Pro-Life bags at their table at the straw poll! I sold out completely and took orders! It was super busy. Voters also gave me a new idea for a bag ... "VOTE PRO LIFE" Well, I made it, and now have many bags sitting waiting for you to buy!

After this, sales kinda slowed down, but thats ok, because I was extremely busy with Drumline and Marching Band!

At the IRTL dinner with Lila Rose, one woman recognized me as the "bag boy" and pushed me to go get the few bags I had in the car.  I did, and I sold them at the dinner!  I sold out of about 50 bags. It was great.  This led to me being in the IRTL newsletter! :)

I attended NCYC in Indianapolis, and Bishop Richard Pates from DSM attended! I sent him two bags thanking him for coming and asked him to vote pro life for the upcoming presidential election, and he responded! I will be in the upcoming Catholic Mirror!

Everytime you bring a bag into a HyVee store, you get $0.05 off your order for each bag you have! These bags protect the unborn, and save you money, and save the environment! It's a win win win!

I still post on the IRTL Facebook and Twitter page and have my own page for bags (Pro Life Bags.Des Moines). Please check them out!

Have a wonderful Christmas season!
God Bless

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