Sunday, September 11, 2011

new things!

this summer went great but fast! thanks to Iowa Right to Life, i got to sell bags at the straw poll up in ames. it was a great experience! i have now sold over 1500 bags all across the U.S. which is huge! i never thought i would sell the first 100! anyways, there is a new design and an old design. the new one is "vote pro life" in pink letters on a blue bag. the one i dont sell anymore is the maroon and white one that says "pro life" and has the mother teresa quote on it. not a big hit.

random tidbits...

i have done lots of mailings of bags and the gabriel project, and now i am a volunteer at agape pregnancy center! it is a great place to be :)

i am the one of the new dowling catholic students for life presidents. if you need students to help and willing to give service hours, let me know!

i post in the IRTL facebook page and twitter! got an event? let me know!

there are 300 bags sitting in my bedroom! buy some :)

school is super busy! band competitions every weekend, show choir starting, senior pics, national council on youth leadership conference, national honor society, and so many other things are keeping me busy, but pro life work always comes second (to homework....) ugh lol

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