Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to Pro Life Bags.Des Moines

Hello! My name is David Cordaro and I am a junior at Dowling Catholic. While working at a DSM area HyVee store, a woman came in with Planned Parenthood bags. Upset, I came home to make these bags you see today!

The cost is
$2 (on DSM west side)
$3.50 1-9 bags
$2.75 10-99
$2.50 100+
(include ship)

Please Email me with any questions at
message me on my facebook, or post something on our wall!

Your support is GREATLY appreciated! Help us end the largest mass murder happening in OUR COUNRTY AND AROUND THE WORLD since 1973. $.50 from every bag goes directly to Pro Life groups in Des Moines, and NONE is kept for personal income.

God Bless

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Reusable Grocery Bags with a Pro-Life message

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